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Our Goals

To Reach 840 Markets in 2024
600 Slums and Communities in 2024
7 Markets Per Month Per State
5 Communities Per Month Per State
10 States In Nigeria Running Concurrently

We need your support to make this happen.

Consulting for the busy people

Consultation Services

The medical consultation is a complex and multidimensional process, focused on the doctor-patient relationship but is also a pivotal piece to provide support regarding the health disease, suffering, and uncertainty that a subject has when their physical integrity is affected -human and emotional. When it comes to grass-root consultation, this is harder because these people are most times illiterate and not able to communicate well with the physician.  Market doctors physicians are highly skilled in getting this vital information in language and manner they understand and as culturally and religious suitable for them.

Grass root health care

Outreach Services

Outreaches still remain the most effective method to reach the grassroots without modern means of communication like the internet or phone. Market doctor’s outreach services mobilize health workers to provide services to the public or to other health workers, away from the location where they usually work and live. We provide better mobilization of skilled health workers to serve remote or underserved areas through our highly specialized outreach specialist or our long list connections build over our long years in the business. This improves access to health to the population in cities, slums,  remote and rural areas ordinarily you may not have access.

Health on wheels

Mobile Clinic Services

Due to challenges in building health centers across low-income areas, We came up with the idea of a mobile clinic to attend to most primary health care problems in markets and office places in rural and urban areas. The program takes well-equipped medical van(s) along with specialized doctors, nurses, medical staff, and medicines to the identified villages and slums in a systematic manner. A single Mobile Clinic can gather different specialized medical activities and thus propose a complete screening and care offered, diversified, and quickly available in the most remote areas.

Board Of Directors

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Taiwo Oshinusi

How We Help

Dapo Oshinusi

How We Help

 Gbenga Oyebode

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Ituah Ighodalo

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Dr Yetunde Ayo Oyalowo